Pain Management

Chronic pain is by definition a pain that has lasted longer than three months. Pain can arise from any body region from a multitude of causes. Pain is often broadly subdivided into nociceptive (musculoskeletal) or neuropathic (nerve damage) pain. 

Long term pain can be debilitating. Sadly it is often, in many cases, not curable.

Long term pain often has serious consequences on not only physical function but also psychological well being. Physical impairment results in a marked reduction in quality of life and ability to undertake activities of daily living.

The psychological consequences can be profoundly devastating to the sufferer of chronic pain as well. Long term depression, anxiety and mal-adaptive cognitive behaviour are frequent accompaniments to living with long term pain.

Our ethos at Oxford pain consultants is to provide first class pain management utilising the most appropriate pain management strategies to address both the physical and psychological consequences of long term pain.

Improved pain management can be achieved through the appropriate use of medication (pharmacotherapy), injections (interventional therapy),psychotherapy (both one to one psychotherapy and group pain management) and specialist pain physiotherapy.

At Oxford pain consultants we pride ourselves in providing a thorough assessment and establishing an appropriate treatment strategy in consultation with our clients.