Back Pain

Chronic back pain is exceedingly common affecting 4 out of 10 people.

Back pain can arise from many structures in the spine – bones, muscles, ligaments and intervertebral discs. In some instances nerves can be compressed as they exit the spinal canal. Severe spinal pain can also result from spinal surgery that didnt prove as effective as initially hoped.

Many factors can influence the severity of chronic back pain and these can included general physical fitness, smoking and concurrent medical problems.

At Oxford Pain Consultants a holistic approach is taken to manage long term chronic back pain. We work in conjunction with local Physiotherapists and Psychologists to improve self management of chronic back pain.

In some instances interventional pain management procedures may be indicated in managing long term spinal pain. These procedures could include epidural, facet joint or transforaminal injections. Radiofrequency denervation to the lumbar facet joints is a NICE approved interventional pain management procedure which Oxford Pain Consultants are able to undertake.

At Oxford Pain Consultants we would be happy to discuss the most appropriate management needed to improve physical functioning from chronic back pain.