Useful Links

 Useful Links:

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Useful Pain Management Links =

We have added a few useful Internet links that we think may be useful:

  1. The Pain Toolkit Website is a superb website that gives a wealth of information about understanding chronic pain conditions and improving self management strategies. The downloadable Pain Toolkit is a must read!
  2. Talking Spaces: Talking Spaces is a great Oxfordshire based mental health resource providing a range of NICE approved therapies for mental health issues such as Depression and Anxiety. These conditions are very often present in chronic pain conditions and if managed correctly, improved pain management can be achieved. 
  3. Mindfulness Pain Management. This is a great website about improving relaxation and mindfulness skills in self management of chronic pain conditions.
  4. British Pain Society. This website has links to a wealth of patient information (under the section "For Patients- BPS patient publications") to help patients dealing with chronic pain conditions.  
  5. Drug information leaflets.The Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Royal College of Anaesthetists have produced information leaflets on drugs that we may have recommended for neuropathic