Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is very common. Up to 20% of the population suffer with chronic neck pain. It can be very disabling resulting in significant impairment in a person's quality of life.

The causes of chronic neck pain are multifactorial. Often it is due to degenerative changes (otherwise know as cervical spondylosis) or following on from trauma.

Often the underlying cause of neck pain is due to muscle dysfunction, but skeletal problems can also be causes of persistent neck pain.

Management of chronic neck pain can be difficult. However, a combination of appropriate drug therapy, muscle reactivation through physiotherapy and judicious use of appropriate injection therapy can be effective in providing relief to what can be a very disabling condition.

Dr Sawyer has 12 years of extensive experience in managing chronic neck pain patients, from degenerative cervical spondylosis to chronic post whiplash injury pain. Appropriate injection therapy in the form of local anaesthetic injections, radiofrequency dennervation or foraminal nerve root injections can be provided by Oxford Pain Consultants.

Failed Neck Suregery Syndrome is becoming more recognised as a clinical entity and appropriate therapeutic management of this has proven to be difficult. Potential benefit has been recorded in the use of cervical spinal cord stimulation. This is an area of clinical expertise in which Dr Sawyer has considerable experience.